Our Beliefs


We believe that the best help from parents goes beyond pushing children to excel in admission tests, but should set the foundation for success in their future careers and lives. “Soft skills” such as independent minds, sunny personalities, communication skills and community sense should not become perceived or actual shortcomings of Asian youths. At Eclosion, we seek to work with parents to develop in our children values and skills that will benefit them the most in their future careers and lives.


We are not educational experts; we are just a group of parents who are willing to make efforts to help our children’s growth and development. We invite parents of like minds to join us to build a community in support of our children. By “community” we mean: First, as parents, we seek to provide a richer environment for children’s growth by pooling together our specialties, resources and connections; Second, as a non-profit organization, Eclosion seeks out resources from government, business, academia and other areas to support our children’s growth; Finally, in our children, we seek to instill a service mindset and social skills by leading and encouraging them to contributing to the community. No man is an island, and a network is more than its nodes. Volunteerism is the foundation of community, and at Eclosion we strive to make their efforts worthwhile.


As new immigrants, we must redouble our efforts to create opportunities for our children’s growth. Eclosion is based on the observation that oftentimes, opportunities within our reach cannot immediately benefit our children but nonetheless valuable to others. This mismatch means wasted opportunities and foregone benefits. A platform of community and volunteerism will help us maximize current opportunities and create new ones for our children. At Eclosion, we seek to motivate opportunity creation and sharing as well as volunteerism through innovations, creating a virtuous cycle of “one for all and all for one”.